Hi! I'm Lon Hyatt, and I am excited to share some of my inner thoughts expressed through my brush and canvas work.  I find my style has evolved through life and experience while being influenced through different cultures and the colors which show their emotions.

My artistic journey started back in college when I realized that art would play a major part in my happiness and life.  I come from an enlightened arts lineage as the generations before me were very artistically able to express themselves freely. 

In June of 2019, I had an awakening as I was traveling in Israel and went to visit the burial place of Christ.  If you are religious or not when you have an opportunity to face history in such a powerful way you can't help but be changed.  Little did I know that when I got back to the states from that trip that it actually changed my life in so many deep ways I am still trying to figure them all out. 

I find that there are several sides to my artistic expression. The first is mission-driven as I deal with deadlines and purpose-driven precise strokes sought from a goal. These projects can be challenging, but often deepen my ability to focus and control, which fights the artistic beast residing just beneath the surface.

The second and most expressive is my surrealistic influenced brush strokes based on profound emotional manifestations with freedom in the strokes.  In this method, the brush drives the outcome filled with raw emotion and expression from the deep dark corners of my mind, and I often don't know the destination until we are there.

One of my favorite expressive methods is rooted in the discovery and melting of different styles. I love to mix mediums while finding new technics and tools which provide different outcomes unachieved previously. This method can lead to some pretty free and fantastic overtures of color explosions captured on the canvas.